Trützschler develops the Iranian Market

Mr. Heinrich Trützschler

Managing Partner of Trützschler Co.


  • Please introduce yourself and tell us more about main production of Trützschler Company?

My name is Heinrich Trützschler. I am managing partner of Trützschlercompany and the forth generation of it. Trützschlertoday is 100 percentfamily-owned company andcompletely independent. Trützschler is specialised in machines, systems and accessories for spinning, opening, cleaning, carding and nonwoven.

  • What is the more interesting Trützschler’sproduction for Iranian customers?

In Iranian market, spinning has shown great interest. So we have sold many lines,blow room and carding which are very important for Iranian market. Knowadays nonwoven companies are coming up.

  • What is your strategy to develop the export and employment in Iran?

The strategy in Iran is to have good clientswere served good reference. In addition the Iranian customers are convinced of our good machineries with making good quality. The other most important factor is services. In this regard, we have a long service organization and always we give good service for Iranian customer. We expect good sales opportunities in Iran

  • What is your massage for Iranian textile and carpet industry?

We have the company producing BCF yarn for carpet that called TrützschlerSwitzerland(TS).We are sointerested in cooperating with Iranian customers to develop the Iranian market which is a very big market in carpet machinery yarn.

  • And the last word…..

We have a very long term relationship with the Iranian customers. We have high regards for the technical knowledge of Iranian customers. I would like to thank the customer for trusting and confidence Trützschlerand we would love to move more business in Iran and cooperate with our customers.



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