Angelo Marelli , R&D Manager at For.Tex

Angelo Marelli, R&D Manager at For.Tex

Angelo Marelli

Epson is a global innovation leader, with solutions that regularly exceed the expectations of clients in markets such as the home, the office, the retail and the industry. The Epson range of products includes inkjet printers, press mechanisms, and 3LCD video projectors as well as industrial robots, sensors and displays. It draws on proprietary technologies that guarantee compactness, reduction in energy consumption, and ensure high reliability.

“Research is never over. The search for innovation’s new frontiers.” This is the theme chosen by Epson, For.Tex and F.lli Robustelli for ITMA’s 17th Edition, the world’s most important fair dedicated to textile machines taking place from November 12 to 19 in FieraMilano, Rho.

“ITMA is a very successful exhibition for us to show our new production. We are representing two new digital printers. Within this quickly accelerating market, the three companies have worked together since 2003 with a focus on research and development that has resulted in the Monna Lisa® inkjet printer for printing on fabric which uses Epson’s Micro Piezo technology. It was produced by partnering with two companies that have long been active in the textile district of Como, F.lli Robustelli, a company specializing in the construction of textile machinery and somehow responsible for the engineering, and FOR.TEX, operating for over 30 years in the field of dyes, thickeners and specialty printing and it’s the chemistry partner. This project starts around 15 years ago and in 2003, Epson entered the top quality textile market with the launch of first Monna Lisa® is already running in the market.” Said Angelo Marelli, R&D Manager at For.Tex with an interview …………

“We have around 300 units of Monna Lisa working in this field and the most interesting is that the first unit placed in market is still go running so this is the proof of the reliability of the process and concept. Thanks to the engineering behind the printers that allows customers to buy today a printer with the latest technology. The most important issue is our customers can develop their printer with the new technology which appears without buying a new machine and they just send their machine to Robustelli. They will replace the head, change part of electronics so the customer can have the improvement to the latest activity and technology. Epson is the only company which has this technology and provides such facilities and services. Another interesting point is that Epson is a manufacturer of head set and also ink set so it has the knowledge of both which is the other key issue for the reliability of our system.”

“On the other hand when a customer buys a Monna Lisa printer, it is not just buying a printer and they buy a complete solution which means whenever there is something to complain, the customer call us and say the problem and we told him how he can solve it. Furthermore the role of FOR Tex is providing all the knowledge of process and treatment to expertise and can get our support in all process such as equipment, post treatment or even fastness. Therefore this is why appreciated by customer is a kind of solution for reliable partnership.”

He also added: “Our customer services are not only on technology but also on anything else related to printing world and also training for customer. For example we have a facility for customer in which we train all industry equipment for pre and post treatment. So if new customers approaching for the first time in digital printing they can come to us and experienced themselves not only the printing but also any type of process. Even they can come with their own fabric and designs and find a right preparation. It is worthless to say the speed of machine. The customers need to adapt the printer to their fabric and design so it may be completely different. Therefor we develop the right equipment and printer with their design. As a result customers can follow any type of process if necessary. We give also a kind of training which explain the theory behind it and experience the real world. Because of very quickly change in new technology you cannot find this kind of training in school.”

At the end He mentioned that due to very high digitalization and enthusiasm to fashion in Italy, digital printing grow very fast all over the world especially in Italy and during these years we export our production to different countries.  “Monna Lisa printer is exported to Turkey, India, Japan, Korea, brazil and Vietnam.”


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