Experience and Technology are two key points for MAMMUT reputation

Experience and Technology are two key points for MAMMUT reputation

Experience and Technology are two key points for MAMMUT reputation-prosperous-textile

MAMMUT, was founded in 1872 and since 144 years it is specialized in building high performance quilting machines for the bedding industry around the globe. MAMMUT sewing machine is a family company with 6 generation. It is located in Germany and independent which is developed its machine from zero to end Nikolaus Fremery, managing director and also co-owner of MAMMUT Quilting Machine in an interview with Prosperous Textile Journal about relation with Iran said: “we are take care and follow our customer by supplying home textile. Iran is a country which we have a long term relation. Although sanction causes some difficulties, we hope this will change in future. We sell our machine to quilting industry and the high quality of our products is well appreciated.” He added: “our strategy toward Iran’s market is the same as previous and our production is represented by our agent Mr.Afshari which knows pros and cons of our technology. He takes care of our customer and always available to the market to promote our product and contact to potential customers.” “We have Competitors all over the world such as Europe, United States, China but the key advantages of our products are experience and technology. So who ever searches for high quality and professional product should find MAMMUT machine. In other word we are the supplier which can propose the best cost variation with high quality.” Said Mr. Fremery. In the following Mr. Afshari, Irananian agent of MAMMUT and managing director of NedTex Company said: “We are supporting all customers, the customers that have before and also expanding the market for new one. We are as my company, NedTex, representing different machinery but in the same line. Especially at this moment that we are improving in the relationship with the world, I see a very bright future for selling our machines and the market. Old Costumers and also the new potential ones understand what the differences are between various products. Nowadays, a customer buys not only the machine, but also a package. This package includes the machine, instrument which has made this machine, technology behind it and after sale services.”

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