The Wetsleeve Kickstarter Campaign: Nearly 500% Funded with over 2,000 backers in 30 Days

The breakthrough hydration solution worn on the forearm has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm

The Wetsleeve, a patented lightweight hydration solution worn on the forearm, which launched on Kickstarter on June 6, 2017,  has surpassed its goal on Kickstarter with 516%  and over 2,100 backers on board -with still 16 days left of the campaign at the time of writing. The product, which makes hydration seamless and effortless as users can drink from the wrist without breaking their athletic momentum, has proven a huge success on the crowd funding platform with backers supporting the project and pre-ordering from around the world. Comments have been exceedingly positive from the athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, marathon runners and exercise enthusiasts of all calibers in the Kickstarter community, who look forward to trying the Wetsleeve for themselves.

After passing the initial goal of $25,000, the buzz has built, backers have kept pouring in and brought the project past the 100K mark on June 29. Currently at over $129,000 in pledges, the Wetsleeve has certainly awaken the curiosity of many exercise fans around the world who are tired of having to carry around bottles or wear bulky and impractical hydration packs while on the move.

After shipping, backers are set to find that the Wetsleeve is designed with comfort, ease of use, and sustainability in mind with every detail in the product, and the refillable 12oz (350ml) liquid reservoir will keep liquid cool and within easy access on the go. The Wetsleeve is available in three sizes (S, M, L), and is suitable for virtually all sports and activities, such as running and hiking. The materials are breathable, soft, water resistant, and gentle on the skin to ensure optimal comfort. Two pockets for carrying personal belongings like cards, keys or headphones are integrated into the sleeve. Wetsleeve’s silicone mouthpiece allows the user to hydrate effortlessly from a natural position -and, after asking the backer community what they would like to see as stretch goals in a survey – the company has announced that every backer who order two Wetsleeves’(or more), will receive one in the original blue, and one in a Kickstarter exclusive green as well.

“We’re thrilled with the response!” says co-founder David Herring. He continues, “As a group of friends and exercise nuts who love being outdoors -we developed the Wetsleeve to be something we would actually use ourselves. To see that the Kickstarter community is excited about the product too is amazing, and we can’t wait for people to get to use it themselves.”

Wetsleeve has partnered with the award-winning design firm Development Never Stops (DNS). Together, the two teams have worked closely with athletes in usability and testing to ensure Wetsleeve’s performance and durability under a wide range of conditions, activities and terrains. After three generations of prototypes, countless iterations and meticulously chosen premium materials, Wetsleeve has secured top notch reputable manufacturers and is ready for large scale production.

Wetsleeve is available to pre-order exclusively on Kickstarter until August 3rd, and is on track to ship in October 2017.




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