World Nano Foundation Gets Companies Ready for the Markets

World Nano Foundation Gets Companies Ready for the Markets

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The World Nano Foundation has been working tirelessly to position some of its members so they are ready to take money from investors as part of a pre stock market listing on the NASDAQ, London, Dubai or Frankfurt financial centres. The expected listings will take between one and two years and are expected to be well over subscribed. Success on these stock markets may create the scale to make these companies commercial leaders in their fields of expertise.

In the early days of nanotechnology, a number of companies were expected to deliver on investments and disrupt globally, when it was predicted nanotechnology would be a $3 trillion industry by 2015 in the early millennium. Although many see this figure as an unrealistic prediction today, emerging advances, such as in nanotechnology, are helping fuel growth in economies such as the U.S., where many nano-scale innovations are just hitting the new product lines of big corporations and the radar screens of venture capitalists. In the last 18 months, nanotechnology products and innovations have come to the fore of investor’s appetite, leading too many looking to launch IPOs on the big markets. The Dubai stock market is especially keen to lead the way in new innovations, such as nanotechnology, as they want to increase GDP in the UAE by more than double before the end of this decade, with stock market investments very much at the centre of this goal.

The World Nano Foundation has helped many nanotechnology companies with their business and investment plans as well as the technology, sales and marketing and scale up strategies. When considering raising capital via the stock market, it is important to have the right advice as it’s not right for everyone. The next few years will see a number of nanotech companies who will go on to become household names in industry just like Amazon, Google and Apple did in previous decades.


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