Trützschler T-BLEND means guaranteed blending accuracy

When it comes to tuft blending with T-BLEND, Trützschler relies on blending accuracy and reproducibility. The self-monitoring system convinces with flexible application when blending natural and man-made fibers of different lengths, finenesses and colours.

New weighing technology for increased production

Compared with previous Trützschler tuft feeding installations, the performance of the pans of the new tuft blending system has doubled. The filling process is automatically optimized and weighing is performed more quickly due to a vibration-free three-point suspension. All of this combined results in increased weighings per unit of time and more volume per discharge. Naturally, the evaluated information is also made available to the higher level Data Management System T-DATA.

Exact dosing – reproducibly and permanently monitored

To ensure the observance of the blending ratio, the only technologies considered suitable are those that precisely weigh the individual components. For this reason, the new Trützschler tuft blending installations T-BLEND are also based on the weighing principle. T-BLEND allows exact dosing of the individual components and – during the second step – blending to a homogeneous material. Thus, precise adherence to the blending ratios over long periods of time and/or within a lot is ensured. The result is always a perfect dosing of the blending components. This rules out a gradual deviation, like for instance with volume measurement, that cannot be avoided due to deviations in degree of opening or ambient atmosphere.

BLENDCONTROL monitors each individual discharge and automatically and permanently corrects any deviations.

Fig. 1-T-BLEND installation with one manually and two automatically fed weighing units

Fig. 2-Two T-BLEND installations with four weighing units each

Fig. 3-BLENDCONTROL touch screen on Blending Opener BL-TO


About Trützschler

With about 3000 employees, Trützschler is one of the world’s leading textile machinery manufacturer. Trützschler specialises in machines, installations and accessories for spinning preparation, the nonwovens and man-made fiber industry. The headquarters of the more than 125 year old company is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany. The subsidiaries Trützschler Nonwovens and Man-Made Fiber GmbH with two production sites, and Trützschler Card Clothing GmbH, are also located in Germany. Sites in India, China, Brazil, USA and Switzerland, as well as a number of service centres, provide customer proximity in the important textile processing areas.


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