Sustainable, efficient and competent – from project planning to line commissioning we introduce ourselves as technology and global market leader for intelligent and energy-efficient system concepts – 100% made in Germany.



Our company was founded in 1949. Today, Regina Brückner directs the business together with an experienced team of specialists and executive managers. We develop, design and produce machines and complete system concepts for the coating and finishing of classical and technical textiles, nonwovens, glass fibre fabric and floor coverings. Energy efficiency, the saving of resources and the individual requirements of the customers are always our focus. Our lines are exclusively produced in Germany at our own production site. This is the only way for us to ensure the constantly high quality of our products and we will continue this tradition also in future.

The individual requirements of our customers are more and more challenging – and the products more and more multifunctional. To allow us an optimum advisory service for our customers and companies interested in our products we established in our technology center in Leonberg a test plant on which we are able to do coating and finishing processes for textiles, technical textiles and nonwovens under production conditions. Our customers and interested companies can test their products or develop them further. For commission finishers we offer to make pre-tests in our plant before they start a new production. In our laboratory the data can be evaluated rapidly and an individual machine configuration can be made. Our Technology Center gives of course also our own specialists the opportunity and the space for research and development.

Man and machine are a unit and this has a very great influence on the productivity and the energy efficiency of a textile machine. We developed a new software supporting the operator in using the line as productively as possible. The core of this software is a data base in which many years of experience are memorized as machine parameters depending on the fabric type to be finished. The effectively used machine parameters can be compared with the target recipes in order to identify saving potentials and dormant capacity reserves over freely selectable periods of time. At the same time the system monitors conditions which reduce the output and increase the energy consumption such as dirt accumulation and gives suggestions for maintenance.

The useful machine life of our lines extends to several decades. During this time there may occur a multitude of changes in our customer’s production environment such as changed requirements on the capability of the line. New market conditions may require a modified finishing of the products and increased energy and production costs or environmental specifications affect the prices of the final product. In such cases not always the investment in a new line is required. Selective modernizations and / or extensions of the existing line allow also a technical and technological benefit. In addition their implementation offers advantages regarding time and costs contribute just as clearly to an optimization of the performance. We assure you tailor-made solutions for your needs!



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